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Vanilla Powder

Vanilla Powder

Our powder is made by crushing high quality vanilla pods in specialised cryogenic milling machines. The pods are frozen and then crushed and grind into very fine powder. No other compounds are added into the process, including any artificial compounds, additives or preservatives. The only ingredient in our vanilla powder...

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About us

We bake for our 4 children. Granted our family eats what we bake, the lesser artificial flavourings and chemicals in our bakes, the better it is for our health in the long run. With this mantra in mind, we decide to sell vanilla because we want to give our loved ones what nature can offer.

We present this gift to you too, what was once used by the Aztec for flavouring in ancient Mexico. We hope you will find this hidden gem in vanilla and be awed by its versatility in form and function after you have the opportunities to try out yourself.